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Groupwise calendar publishing not updating

i Calendar was created by the Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force, chaired by Anik Ganguly of Open Text Corporation), and was authored by Frank Dawson of Lotus Development Corporation and Derik Stenerson of Microsoft Corporation.i Calendar is heavily based on the earlier v Calendar by the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC).Simple web servers (using just the HTTP protocol) are often used to distribute i Calendar data about an event and to publish busy times of an individual.Publishers can embed i Calendar data in web pages using h Calendar, a 1:1 microformat representation of i Calendar in semantic (X)HTML.The ability to publish your personal calendars can be enabled and disabled by your Group Wise administrator.If your Group Wise administrator has disabled the ability to publish personal calendars, this option is not displayed in the Group Wise client.

RFC 5545 replaced RFC 2445 in September 2009 and now defines the standard.

with the web site location (hostname or IP address) of the Calendar Publishing Host as defined by your system administrator. If there are more than 25 calendars, click You can download a calendar for import into another calendar application.

The downloaded calendar does not automatically check for updates, so you need to manually check the original calendar and download it again if necessary. Your application needs to convert it to the correct time zone.

The most notable change is that a 64 Bit OS is now required.

So, regardless of the other hardware specs of your servers, if you are still running a 32 bit OS you will need to migrate your data from your current server to a 64 bit OS. Console One is not supported foy Group Wise 2014 Administration.

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Group Wise Calendar Publishing is available from any web browser.