Japanese dating sims english patch

Posted by / 04-Mar-2016 14:30

While it is both confusing and hilarious, it’ll have your heart inappropriately thumping at times.

Uma no Prince-sama is basically a ‘tapping game’ where you feed your horse-man carrots and help him work out on a treadmill.

The experience branches out based on your decisions and there are plenty of big spenders for you to interact with. In this day and age - where texting someone to come over for “Netflix and chill” replaces in-person invites for real dates - we often find ourselves playing a twisted dating “game”, with no hint of whether the other person actually fancies you or not.Forget about analysing your love interest’s latest text or worrying about side chicks - the ever-innovative Japanese have created a bunch of actual simulated dating games for people who are sick and tired of trying (and failing) to find real love.The games are in Japanese, and depending on their genre, some are definitely more “import-friendly” than others.This post will give you a breakdown of what to expect from each one so we can help you find the import classic that’s right for you!

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As with any RPG/simulation game, it’s pretty text-heavy.