Keep dating the wrong men

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Keep dating the wrong men

Our friends, family, and instincts are trying to tell us to get out, but we keep making excuses to stay in.

Now happily-married, author Kelly Rossi uses her own inspirational story to walk you through ‘Wrong Man’ personality types that are all-too-familiar in the current dating environm Kelly Rossi’s Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer’s Guide through Bad Relationship Choices, a fresh, entertaining, and comically written memoir filled with invaluable life and dating lessons.

In a sense, you seek comfort in that familiar scenario – even if it is one filled with angst.

These are attractions of deprivation, and it’s possible it stems from your childhood.

This is a true guide to love and romance for women working to find their prince in a pond of frogs.“This isn’t another book by an overly confident man psychoanalyzing everything you’re doing wrong, giving you that supposed ‘turn-key’ answer he’s created,” says Rossi.

“This is a love story for any woman who has caught herself overanalyzing, making excuses, giving second chances, interpreting text messages, waiting for someone special, or even swearing off love forever.”Written in a truly unique way, Rossi narrates her struggles in the quest to finding love and fulfillment, while learning how to avoid the pitfalls in today’s selfish, male-ego driven society.

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Right, this one-of-a-kind memoir will teach you how to break your frog-kissing habits, find a love you never knew existed, and learn how to hang onto your self-worth, dignity, and sanity! Use it as a reference guide with "Signs You're Dating a ... Discover how a serial "Wrong Man" dater breaks the cycle of bad relationships and finds the 'Right' partner.

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