Sy uzeit not updating

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Sy uzeit not updating

You can access the session variables natively, that is in EXEC SQL, ADBC and AMDP, using the built-in function Please note, that for other databases than SAP HANA the contents of these variables is only defined when you access the CDS view with Open SQL.

While session variables are a convenient way to access the information contained within they are – well – global variables.

Does anyone know how to update sy-uzeit to make it up-to-date?

Application log is used to generate a log which can be accessed later by the users.

Collectively, these standards define a global time standard that can be used to convert a given time to local time, and vice versa.

I have written a simple program:1, Assign sy-uzeit to a time variable: tm_start2, Loop 100000 times3, Get the seconds difference between current sy-uzeit and tm_start The difference is always 0 even if the loop runs moe than a minute.

For selection screens and lists this is the program name, otherwise SAP R/3.

Can be set during PBO (Process Before Output) using SET TITLEBAR.

Some of that convenience is available in ABAP CDS now too.

If a SAP HANA Database serves as the central database of an AS ABAP, you have access to the following three global session variables: The ABAP runtime environment fills these database variables with values that correspond to the contents of the above mentioned system fields.

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SY-UCOMM Function code that triggered the event PAI.