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As the nations chief executive, Wilson brought the progressive movement to a climax with his New Free- dom that saw the creation of the Federal Reserve and the expansion of federal anti-trust powers and regulatory authority.

In this sense I may say of myself that I bear a correct relation to the task in hand: to work in the present moment; for God knows that nothing is more distasteful to me.

that remoteness in which, like a lover, I may dwell on my thoughts and, like an artist in love with his instrument, entertain myself with language and lure from it the expressions demanded by my thoughtswell, I do like it in a certain sense; for I have by nature a temperament so polemic that I feel in my element only when surrounded by men's mediocrity and meanness.

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But only on one condition, viz., that I be permitted to scorn them in silence and to satisfy the master passion of my soul: scornvery probably I have been called to do so for that very reason.

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  1. You have every right to date women of Italian descent, but in case you forgot, the OP was asking about Iranian men. Your hatefulness and ignorance, however, astounds me. well, I certianly didn't want this to turn into a bashing session of anyone-race, sex, or brain size. are 99% Muslum." (quote from sagman4u)Where do you get your information? Now many who identify as Iranian are Muslim, perhaps... Your attitude on this thread Sad Man4U is very unbecoming. Leave the people that actually know how to appreciate-support, and love someone else regardless of color,weight, height, or social status-financial status alone.