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there are 2 loss updates and next week it is the febr. I downloaded 2 tools from Windows but nothing only deleted messages but not solution. the problem is in the netbook with win 7 starter ed.Either because Microsoft is so determined to push their new Windows 10 operating system to users and has altered their updater code or their update servers, or because of something else now in the operating system, most Windows 7 users are experiencing multi-hour delays before their updater finishes compiling and creating its list of available updates for their system. Windows update diagnostics I have tried repairing windows update, by using the Windows Update Diagnostics. My pc is an X200s with a 320 GB hdd and AHCI enabled.This has been a major and growing problem for most Windows 7 users over recent months.Those users report waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours and more, simply for the updater to respond with its update list.But in each case, some other users will respond that the suggested "fix" hasn't worked for them and their update slowness persists.

If this PC's owner does a clean install and repeats the Wisecare and Never10 my bet is they will see the same problems.Once/if a list does finally appear, the downloading and installation process generally takes the usual amount of time (far less than the terribly long time to currently create the list).I've read several online discussions with claims of how to improve or resolve this slowness issue.Tried Windows Update Diagnostic.diagcab which says"Problems installing recent updates" - not fixed. There are folk that will scream "something" about this but hey, it fixed it and I got updates going again.2. Last resort is clean Win 7 instal from 6yr old OEM recovery disc and try updating from scratch and avoid any cleaning software except windows disc cleaning utility."Service Registration is missing or corrupt" - fixed Let me share a few fixes I used.1. What I'm after is fully updated Win 7 for image backup with minimum software installed.

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Sometimes an update gets corrupted and then Windows gets confused and thinks the service is no longer running.

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